The IndiLuxe ethos is centered on reimagining Indian luxury for the progressive mindset.

This is reflected in a curation that champions the contemporary value of Indian craftsmanship, as well as a commitment to purpose, especially as we crave meaningful connections and seek value in our everyday lives that go beyond the extrinsic.

For an Exquisite Everyday

Each brand we work with is rooted in India’s rich heritage, and supports our desire for mindful living borne of sustainable practices. Innovation – both in materials used and design – is at the forefront, always.

Therefore, you will find that materials used to make garments, accessories and conscious beauty products are sustainably and ethically sourced, while our home collections is hand-made, often in small consignments, by skilled Indian artisans. And the end result is, always, beautifully made items that enhance everyday living.

Conscious Living

As a Tata Group company, we uphold values of trust, authenticity and thoughtfulness and invite you to discover young Indian luxury brands and renown labels spearheading a movement for slow fashion and conscious consumption.