About Indiluxe

Indiluxe brings traditional Indian artisans and art closer to patrons by offering unique products on an organised
retail platform with a superior shopping experience.

Cashmere Chronicles

The story of Pashma begins in Ladakh where the finest cashmere fibres are hand-picked directly from the Changthama goat herders. The label’s design language combined with its unique medley of manufacturing assets has allowed it to articulate the finest traditions of Indian textile art forms with contemporary sensibilities


Kashmiri Exuberance

Paying tribute to Kashmir’s literature, art and culture with the belief that traditional crafts can be sophisticated and refined. The label rallies forward with DNC as their motto: combining Design, Nature and Craft to yield a meaningful whole.


Handcrafted Clothing

Featuring a line of natural clothing which focuses on an ageless, authentic and sustainable fashion lifestyle. Revered by celebrities & fashion enthusiasts alike, this label is for the women who welcome the new and cherish the vintage.